The Chester Municipal Heritage
Society was established in 1981
to promote and cultivate
awareness of the unique
heritage of the
Municipality of
the District of Chester
for the
enjoyment and benefit of
present and future generations
through the preservation of
historically significant
properties and the delivery of
educational programming.
Chester Municipal Heritage Society
Lordly Park
© Chester Municipal Heritage Society 2013
Central  Street, Chester
Situated in a entire village block of the original town plan for
Chester, the park has cultivated areas, a natural wetland, a
children’s playground and a skating and games berm.   The
original property included Lordly House, several barns (gone),
and a small municipal office building known as Maple Cottage, all
set in a meadow.
A charge of  $25.00 is required if you wish to book the park for an event. 
This helps to cover the cost of upkeep.
A charge of $100.00 is required to book the park
 for a wedding.