© Chester Municipal Heritage Society 2013
The Chester Municipal Heritage
Society was established in 1981
to promote and cultivate
awareness of the unique
heritage of the
Municipality of
the District of Chester
for the
enjoyment and benefit of
present and future generations
through the preservation of
historically significant
properties and the delivery of
educational programming.
Holdings at Maple Cottage Research Centre
Robert Hartlen’s research materials on the Ideal Maternity Home
D’Arcy O’Connors research materials on the Oak Island Treasure
Bland and Area Historical Society’s Archives
Collection of books relating to the search for treasure on Oak Island
Local obituaries
Cemetery listings for local churches (tomb stones only)
St. Stephen’s Anglican Church early hand-written  records
Collection of  Edward Rutherford photographs and slides
Collection of early photographs of Chester
Collection of post cards featuring Chester
Newspaper clippings of local happenings
Collection of architectural resource books
Collection of Acadianus publications
Copies of the early  Chester Municipal Council ‘s  minutes
Inventory  of historic houses in the  Municipality of the District of
The American Collection  materials, interview transcripts and articles
Collection of books relating to the history of Chester and the 
Chester Municipal Heritage Society